Blackstar's advertising for the Addiction's movie premiere in Cine Guarany, Santos - Brazil.

Tests with a GoPro Hd bodyboarding Pauba, SP's north coast. I've choosen to get the footage specially to see it later at slow motion, so i went for the R3 mode (1280x720, 60fps), and my first impression was veeeeeery disappointing- the tubes that on water seemed soooo deep, on the footage turns into fast slabs, no matter how deep i drove them- on the other side, the slow motion at this mode on full quality seem just UNBELIEVABLE, really trippy stuff!!! Its a matter of choice wether you want the benefits of a 60fps with much less tube time/space (1280x720) comparing to R4... So next time will be checking the R4 mode, expecting deeper tubes and looking forward to see the slow motion quality difference between both and then decide wich setting must be the best choice!

2 days surfing at Lakey Pipe, Sumbawa - Indonesia

Filmed by paulo fleury and renato marques

  • Client: Blackstar / Date: since 2002 / Category: Video

Blackstar is a project first born from my graduate Graphic Design unversity in 2002, and since then it's philosophy, spread through the country by the movie "REVOLT" launched in 2003, is still alive on stickers around the country .

"Blackstar" porque é um projeto nascido do preconceito e da ignorância, uma estrela negra, excluída, que propõe uma revolta contra um sistema que sempre nos sugou, e contra o qual usaremos apenas uma arma: a indiferença. Queremos expressar essa coisa irada que é ser bodyboarder, e mostrar a aqueles que ainda têm vergonha de ser bodyboarder o que é o verdadeiro bodyboarding.